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Sculpture park and Gallery

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Mansion Rubigen, Thunstrasse 23

CH-3113 Rubigen



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See books “Water Light Sculptures” and  “Inspirations in Steel”

An introduction of Housi Knecht by Kristina Piwecki, art historian and art critic, Zurich

The steel and iron sculptures by Housi Knecht, mark the art scene of Switzerland with an ever increasing presence in a variety of locations, in front of public buildings, in extensive park facilities, in foyers or in private gardens, a passers-by’s attention is inevitably drawn to these unique pieces of art. The unconventional  combination of material and form had led to an unmistakable style, which exerts its fascination with unbroken vitality. With a competent feeling for volume and surrounding space, Housi Knecht creates magnificent sculptures, which concentrate on the theme of cosmic primal forms and phenomena

His language in forms imparts elementary forces in a manner that can be perceived by the senses. He works with opposites which he suspense-fully and playfully unites, forming a relationship. Heaviness and lightness are balanced, angular forms placed against circular forms, stillness mingles with motion. Out of this great variety of forms, he attains ageless results. They are works of art with a purely aesthetic quality, which inspire the viewers to make their own individual interpretations. His steel sculptures live from the elegance of harmonious vibrations

In their energy center -as an opposite pole of stillness- there is usually a sphere of glistening chrome steel. Magically lit or gently played about with water, it gives the dense form a dance-like lightness.

In Housi Knecht’s sculpures,hardness,massiveness and heaviness join in successful synthesis with softness,flowing-ness,and foatingness.

 Housi Knecht succeeds in making bulky and unwieldy material submit to his sweeping forms .     



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